Huangshan Photography Locations and Tips

Huangshan Photography

Looking to visit China sometime soon? As a photographer, you’ll be able to take amazing photos all over some of China’s best sites.

One of our favorite spots to photograph in China is Huangshan Mountain, also known as the Yellow Mountain.

The Yellow Mountain is absolutely breathtaking. There are views from every corner that you won’t want to miss. If you are committed to Huangshan photography, you should definitely take some shots of the mountain during sunrise and sunset.

Are you interested in learning more about Huangshan photography? Here are some of our best tips to help you nail that perfect shot on the mountain:

1. Get to the Mountain Early

If you know that you’re trying to get a beautiful photo of the mountain at sunrise or sunset, you’ll definitely want to get there early enough.

You need to take time to set up all of your equipment to get the best of Huangshan photography.

In addition, there may be lots of tourists or other photographers who are there for Huangshan photography as well. For this reason, you want to come early so you can get a spot you want to capture the view you want.

Some of our favorite sites on the mountain to get a shot of sunrise include: Lion Peak, Purple Cloud Peak, and Bright Summit. To get an awesome photo of the sunset, check out the Dispelling Cloud Pavillion.

2. Huangshan Photography Requires Preparation

Before you head out to photograph Huangshan Mountain, make sure that you are prepared for anything.

Dress warmly and bring a rain jacket in case of rain.

Don’t forget to pack your tripod and walking stick.

Get everything you need ready to go so that you can get the perfect shots of the Huangshan Mountain.

3. Take in All of the Views

Since you’ve made your way up to the Huangshan Mountain, take advantage of all of the photo opportunities for Huangshan photography.

Of course, you came to photograph the Huangshan Mountain and its views, but there are also a couple of ancient Chinese villages around the mountain too.

After you get all of your photos of the Huangshan Mountain itself, you should head over to the ancient villages, like Xidi and Hongcun to get the best shots of the Huizhou architecture.

Both Xidi and Hongcun are hundreds of years old. When you photograph around the villages, you will be able to capture all of the history behind them. You may even want to ask the locals if you can take their pictures too!

4. Be Your Friendly Self

When you’re up on the Huangshan Mountain taking your photos, there will probably be a lot of other photographers or tourists around you for Huangshan photography.

Be friendly to the other people near you so that you can all have a great time taking your photos.

Share your incredible experience on the Huangshan Mountain with other artists.

The Huangshan Mountain is one of the most beautiful and famous locations in China to take photographs. The Mountain has inspired many artists, and it will surely inspire you to take your best photos.

Want to explore more of China’s best photography locations? We can help you find the best spots!

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