5 Beautiful Places in China for Pictures – Seldom on Tour Routes

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If you’re looking to bring home gorgeous photos from your vacation, it’s hard to beat China, in terms of diversity of subject matter. Here’s 5 diverse beautiful places in China for picture lovers, places that seldom feature on the main western tour routes.

Chinese tourism continues to grow year over year with visitors spending up to 2.57 trillion yuan to experience the sights and sounds of this incredible destination. If you find yourself in their ranks, you don’t want to bring home the same old snaps that everyone else has.

When your hobby or business is photography, you’re always looking for the very best shot, a unique angle. You need to capture not just the image but the feeling of being there, a connection to the place and people.

When visiting China, the real secret is to break it down into regions and find what makes each place unique.

Take notes; we’re going to give you a list of the top five most beautiful places in China that are going to take your pics to the next level!

1. SouthEast China is the Best Region for China Photography

SouthEast China was rated as one of the top ten travel destinations for 2017, and it’s easy to see why.

The sprawling green rice fields Longji (Guilin, Guangxi Province) and Yuanyang (Yunnan Province) can’t be missed.

Visit in May to snap the dramatic shots of the rice being harvested in Yunnan. The field goes from ripe green rice stalks to the tranquil reflected water left behind. Guilin’s reflections are in spring, and harvest is late September and early October, when the rice is vibrant green to lime green / yellow.

The region also offers the forest of Zhangjiajie, which is credited with inspiring the look of the movie Avatar.

Get immersed in the unique mountains that inspired the movie’s beautiful world.

2. Xitang Water Town Day Trip / Overnight

For some people, rainy weather ruins their vacation plans.

Not so with Xitang, a hidden gem and one of the most beautiful places in the Shanghai region of China.

The place is overflowing with both natural and cultural scenery; the buildings preserved from the Ming and Qing dynasties. It’s a perfect escape from Shanghai’s modernity.

3. Beijing: The Place and The Water Cube

Want to go for a more modern look? Beijing has the 21st century’s most beautiful places in China!

The Place is an unusual item to put on this list, a modern mall, packed with luxury retailers and gourmet dining.

The main draw is the giant screen that hovers above the main thoroughfare. It was designed by Jeremy Railton who also designed the giant screen in Las Vegas. It’s a good place to capture China’s fast-paced modernity.

The Water Cube (officially known as the National Aquatics Center) is stunning at night as hundreds of light “bubbles” ripple across its surface. You might also consider the center for performing arts if you’re into architecture.

4. Relaxed Photography in Hangzhou – The Perfect Trip Unwind

The West Lake area of Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful places in China and maybe even on earth, at least ot the Chinese.

It’s packed with gardens, parks, and temples offering an abundance of photography opportunities.

5. Dunhuang Crescent Lake – Sunrise in the Gobi

The lovely crescent-shaped lake nestled in the desert might seem like a mirage, but it’s real.

Plus, nearby there are Buddhist grottoes and caves with ancient holy statues that make some more unique photography.

The best time to take photos from this sparkling desert oasis? Try dusk or sunset for maximum impact. Get out hiking the dunes in the dark, before the heat of the sun. Watching sunrise there is something special.

Don’t Miss The Most Beautiful Places In China!

These are just a few recommendations of where to go to photograph the most incredible natural, man-made and modern wonders in China.

Keep the China Photography Blog bookmarked for the best advice on where to snap unique and gorgeous photos in China.

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