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10 Shanghai Photography Locations I Can’t Stop Returning To

If you’re a photographer on your way to Shanghai or China, or if you’re on a trip and want to get the best Shanghai photos you can, look no further. We’re tell you the popular locations. Shanghai photos capture endless skyline, full of fog and massive buildings that will inspire you […]

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10 Landscape Photography Tips for China

Your plane tickets and hotel rooms are booked. Meanwhile, your camera is packed away and ready for a new adventure in China. It’s eagerly anticipating the warmth of exotic light on its image sensor, and it desperately wants to impress you with its travel savviness. Your camera might be charged […]

Xiapu coastal mudflats china

8 Reasons to Include Xiapu on Your China Photo Tour

China is a fantastic destination for all photographers, professional and hobbyists alike. China boasts incredible mountains, the Great wall, and stunning rice terraces, to name a few. You can capture some truly amazing photos of landscapes, wildlife, and the people. China is spatially the third largest country in the world, […]

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How to Capture Amazing Forbidden City Photos

When you’ve finally made it on your dream trip to China, we know you want to capture the moment perfectly – especially when it comes to major landmarks. Here, we’re telling you everything you need to take the perfect Forbidden City photos, here’s our top Forbidden City Photography Tips! Including the […]

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3 Epic China Cityscapes Perfect for Photos

People have a variety of reasons for wanting to travel. Some simply like seeing what other countries have to offer and like to see as many places as they can.  But, others only go for business purposes and rarely travel for pleasure. And then, we have a select few travel […]

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Where to Photograph the Mountains That Inspired Avatar

If you’re not a newcomer to our humble blog, you probably already know that photographing Chinese scenery can be quite the adventure. Nothing that we’ve covered thus far has been as adventurous as exploring the Tianzi Mountains. We know. You’re likely scratching your head right now and wondering just what […]

Great Wall photography tips and locations shown on a photo at sunset

Where (and How) to Take the Best Great Wall of China Photos

Great Wall Photography Tips Capturing the perfect shot is all about preparation, planning and just a dash of chance. You need to know which area to visit, and, depending on your dedication to photography, you might need to consider staying overnight by the Great Wall. Here’s our Great Wall Photography […]

Beijing Hutong alleyway and residence doorway

Best Spots for Beijing Photography in the Hutongs

China has long fascinated Western tourists, and it’s no surprise. The land is rich in culture, art, and tradition. Your China or Beijing photography collection can’t be completed without a visit to Chinese most photographed Beijing attractions, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. However, the hutongs are often overlooked, and ideal for slower days. When […]

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The Traveler’s Guide to Beijing Photography

If I can promise you one thing, it’s that you’ll never be bored with Beijing photography. Beijing is a city that constantly reinvents itself. Yet it still somehow still remains firmly planted in its amazing and dramatic history. As China’s epicenter for culture and politics,  Beijing remains at the forefront […]

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8 China Photography Tips for Your Next Photo Tour

China is a country unlike any other; a photographer’s dream. It’s the kind of place photographers go to create one-of-a-kind images. But traveling through China is much different than in America – or anywhere in the world. Before you take a red-eye flight across the ocean, read these 10 China […]