Incredible Views You’ll Get With Drone Photography in China

drone photography

Since the advent of social media, we’ve likely seen thousands of photos shared with us by friends and family members. Because of this information rush, capturing meaningful and impressive photos has become harder.

Because of recent advancements in technology, drone photography is no longer a high-risk hobby. Many describe is as a user-friendly means of capturing moments that had once eluded them.

Simply put, impressing our loved ones with awe-inspiring photos has become as easy as mastering the art of drone photography!

Learning to Fly: Trees Are the Enemy

Drones designed to capture stunning aerial images come in many different packages. Although, some packages are a lot more expensive than others. Fortunately, there are many online guides available to help you find a drone perfect for your needs and budget.

Many drone regulations divide drones into categories by weight and size, which is important to keep in mind when selecting a unit.

When first learning to fly, many find that practicing with a less expensive drone can help one get the hang of how to guide and handle the device.

It is often recommended that the user practice in a wide open space, free of pesky trees, away from people, and airports.

YouTube can be an amazing resource for those looking to find flying tutorials specific to their model of interest. A quick search can provide the know-how needed for flying. It can also help provide an accurate depiction of the quality of footage obtained by the included camera.

Location, Location

Perhaps the most difficult part about drone photography is determining where to start shooting. China is one of the most diverse scenic landscapes in the world and capturing the range of its beauty can prove to be difficult.

The rural beauty of China’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Mount Huangshan, are rivaled by its bustling big cities, hidden gemsnational parks, and unparalleled historic monuments.

Rather you dream of capturing a unique aerial wedding photo or the majesty of ancient dynasties, a drone can capture it all.

Drone photography enables a photographer to capture images from a unique vantage point sure to inspire the imagination.

Safety First

Determining rather or not drones are allowed can be as easy as making a phone call to your travel agent or hotel concierge. If Chinese is not your first language, having an advocate to communicate the nature of your photography is important. After all, locations that allow standard photography may not welcome drones.

If you plan to use a drone near your home, it is important to ask permission when on private property or in an area where others may be put at risk. Consult Chinese drone regulations for more information on where drones are permitted.

Flying drones at concerts or in highly populated spaces can be dangerous. Many public sites have safety measures that may prevent drones from being flown. Be sure to ask for written permission from a public venue.

In short, have fun, let your imagination guide you, and be careful!

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