China Street Photography

Beijing Hutong alleyway and residence doorway
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Best Spots for Beijing Photography in the Hutongs

China has long fascinated Western tourists, and it’s no surprise. The land is rich in culture, art, and tradition. Your China or Beijing photography collection can’t be completed without a visit to Chinese most photographed Beijing attractions, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. However, the hutongs are often overlooked, and ideal for slower days. When […]

China Street Photography Photo Example of Street Scene
China Street Photography

China Street Photography – 4 Ways to Get Awesome Street Photos

China street photography can deliver some amazing shots, like nothing you’ve seen before. There’s some pretty crazy stuff in China! Markets, Chinglish, interesting Characters and fashion. Here’s 4 ways you can go beyond nice traveller photos to the kind of street photography a pro would be proud to put in their portfolio. Street photography […]